Getting married in Capri: how we make a dream come true!

The most evocative sunsets in the world, romantic churches for religious weddings and spectacular locations for civil or symbolic rites. Thanks to the experience of today and the passion of always, we realize your dream of an unforgettable event in the most romantic island ever, providing logistical solutions for your guests, managing the bureaucratic practices and creating an event perfect in every detail!

Getting married in Capri: how we make a dream come true!





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Religious weddings, civil ceremonies and symbolic ceremonies: Capri is the perfect place to celebrate love in all its forms!

Do you dream of walking down the aisle of a romantic church? Would you like to crown your dream of love with a civil ceremony by the sea? Or are you looking for the perfect place to celebrate an unforgettable symbolic ceremony? Whatever your idea of the perfect wedding, among romantic ancient churches, lush gardens and spectacular historic residences with panoramic terraces overlooking the sea, Capri is the perfect place to make it happen!
You can exchange wedding rings surrounded by the centuries-old frescoes of the most evocative churches, or pronounce your vows with the rite of sand or light by the sea, at sunset, enveloped by the scent of island flowers and lulled by the notes of your favorite songs. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of Capri, we offer the most romantic and original solutions to seal your wedding vows in the perfection of every moment!

An event that tells of your love in every single detail

The key word for a perfect wedding? Personalize! We have been working as wedding planners for many years, so we know how important it is to give each event the right style, personalizing every moment in detail: from the preparations with relatives and friends to the wedding ceremony full of emotion until the party in a location set up exclusively for the couple.
We follow the common thread of a theme that you love or a style that you particularly love, or, if you do not have one, we recommend the most suitable to your personality, the season of the event or the trends of the moment. From the sketch to the arrangement of the tableau de mariage and place cards, from the seating to the cadeau for guests, everything comes to life according to a careful organization, to leave you with all the excitement of a special day!

For your fairytale wedding, we open the doors of the most exclusive locations of Capri!

From Villa Lysis, known as “The Temple of Love”, to the Gardens of Augustus with its terraces overlooking the sea. From the Lighthouse of Punta Carena, surrounded by the lapping of the waves, to the Belvedere della Migliera immersed in nature and with a breathtaking view. Capri’s locations are a daydream: we’ll take care of opening their doors and letting you visit them, even with a video call!

From traditional Italian cuisine to customized menus, delight your guests with every course!

There is no self-respecting event without a menu designed specifically to delight guests. The welcome drink opens the dances with finger food and small courses to be enjoyed one after the other. The menu for lunch or dinner, carefully developed with the Chefs, will surprise even the most demanding guest: you can choose between the classic menu of traditional Italian meat and fish, or dare with more original dishes and international flavor.
We will also help you in the choice of wines and sparkling wines, advising you between local, Italian and foreign wineries the best match to your menu. To conclude the dinner, a dessert buffet and a colorful confetti will be the prelude to the most exciting moment: the cutting of the beautiful and delicious wedding cake!

Your wedding, your style. For your fairytale wedding, choose the atmosphere that most reflects you: we take care of the rest!

A wedding is always special and full of emotions, even more if every detail reflects the couple, their style and their way of living Love. But why is the style of a wedding so important? Because choosing it means giving the wedding a precise identity and an atmosphere that reflects your personality. In fact, the style encompasses every detail of this special day: from the choice of clothes to that of flowers, from the car to the mood of the photo shoot, up to the thousands of strategic lights that illuminate every corner of the location.
When the style is well defined, the result is a coherent, harmonious event with a precise identity. Your special day will be wonderful: a well-decorated location and the style you choose will make it unique and unforgettable!

We customize the location to create a unique and unrepeatable atmosphere!

A location, although beautiful, can not alone create the right atmosphere for such a special day. It is therefore necessary to think of all the details that frame the event and create an engaging festive atmosphere. From the mise en place to the arrangement of flowers and lights, from the favors to the creation of the tableau mariage, are the details that make the difference. For a Yes in style: yours!

Tableau de mariage and place cards, menus and centerpieces, candelabra and personalized lights: we create a unique style!

For your wedding, we develop a real custom coordinated with graphic style, colors and materials suited to the personality of the event. Everything starts from the invitation that reflects the style of the location and suggests to the guests the mood of the day. Upon their arrival, an original Tableau de Mariage will welcome them and direct them to the table, enriched by a Mise en Place with place cards, centerpieces and customized menu.
The scenic effect is ensured by a myriad of lights placed at strategic points, including candelabra, candles and lighting positioned ad hoc. For you we create a unique fil rouge, which can guide the guests through the different moments of the day to excite and surprise at every moment.

We help you create a unique style for every detail of your wedding:

The event lasts a day, your memories live on for a lifetime: for you, we select the best photographers and videomakers!

No wedding can do without them: the memories. So that you can relive them and think back to the happiness of this special day at any time, your moments of joy deserve to be stopped in time. For this reason, it is very important to choose carefully how to tell the story of your wedding day and select the panoramic angles in which to capture the most significant moments.
We will help you to choose the most suitable photographer for your wedding, so that it reflects the mood of this wonderful day. In a location as evocative as the island of Capri, with its Faraglioni rocks and dozens of terraces overlooking the sea, every shot and every shot will be enhanced by a breathtaking panorama. And what if a drone were to immortalize the most beautiful moments? We will help you to create unforgettable moments with real movie shots!

For the guests, the fun is in a thousand shots between polaroids and photobooth!

What if the photographs of your wedding were not just for you? A beautiful idea, always much appreciated by guests, is to create a special corner and use it for the realization of souvenir photos. The ideal is to choose a setting, gadgets and decorations in line with the general style of the wedding, so that it is perfectly consistent with the other moments of this wonderful day.
An ad hoc background, an evocative frame and carefully chosen accessories will be fantastic elements with which your friends and your loved ones can indulge in poses and compositions! Another original idea? Provide your guests with a Polaroid, with which they can take their own photos and remember forever, with a personal point of view, this moment of joy!

What rhythm will your wedding have? That of the music you love most, with a live band and a real DJ set!

After thinking about every detail of your wedding, you want nothing more than to have fun with your guests? Create an atmosphere of celebration and entertainment during the evening is essential for friends and family to experience moments of unforgettable joy. In this, it is essential to choose the music that will accompany every moment of your party, with quieter melodies for the aperitif and the banquet, and more animated notes for the rest of the evening.
To create the right atmosphere, it will be essential to choose the DJ and all the details of the entertainment, from the simplest elements up to the spectacular fireworks. Choose carefully which details to include during the evening will make you live memorable moments with the people you love most!

With entertainment for young and old, fun is the common thread of the day!

The wedding is a party for everyone: that’s why you can surprise your guests with original and fun moments of entertainment! Some examples? Engage a local music group that plays the typical Neapolitan tarantella during the evening, welcome guests with tightrope walkers, jugglers and artists experienced in live entertainment, create a moment of fun with a cartoonist who can make portraits and funny caricatures that guests will keep forever.
Another suggestion, is to think also to the entertainment for children: the animation will entertain them with magic tricks, games or group dances that will keep them company throughout the evening!

We organize everything you need for an unforgettable evening and fun!

Two hearts and a yacht: your magical moments between the Faraglioni of Capri and the Blue Grotto!

A wedding is a celebration to be enjoyed with family and friends, but it can also provide magical moments for couples. On an island such as Capri, then, any location becomes the perfect setting for a mini elopement between the waves and the Faraglioni or for a romantic photo shoot on a boat among the Faraglioni. What’s more, if you’re travelling as a couple, you’ll be able to enjoy the view from a vintage car prepared for the event, or while holding your sweetheart on a Vespa!

Yacht, boat, minibus and shuttle: the movements of the guests in the name of relaxation!

Manage independently the movement of your guests on an island almost entirely pedestrian is not simple. Especially on your wedding day! Family and friends will have to move from the hotel and reach the location of the lunch or dinner directly from the place of the wedding ceremony. In order to make it a relaxing day for them too, we organize their movements from one place to another with personalized services by land and by sea.
You can choose between different types of transport such as cab, minibus, boat, yacht and shuttle packages to and from the island for all your guests, even at different times. In addition, to ensure that nothing is left to chance, we organize transfers from the airports of Rome and Naples Capodichino to and from the island of Capri!

In Capri, your wedding becomes a dream come true for family and friends!

From Make up Artist to Hair Stylist to Tailor, here are all the services for your wedding on Capri!

Thanks to our partnerships with the area’s best professionals, you’ll be able to count on the most renowned Make Up Artists and Hair Stylists who, with their professionalism, will be able to fulfill your every wish and make your wedding truly impeccable. Because here perfection is at home!
For last minute touches, you can count on tailoring services and ironing of your clothes and, if you need to leave your four-legged friend to a trusted person, we recommend the best pet sitters on the island.

To ensure that nothing is left to chance, talk to us about your needs: we'll take care of the solution!

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